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An expression of Mission through Ministry

Mission and ministry are two different expression of our Baptismal Life in Jesus, through the Christian Community we call the Church. Many times mission and ministry are confused with each other. Our Mission both as individuals and congregation are living in witness to the Message of Jesus Christ.
For instance, our primary expression is gathering at the altar in worship and for the Communal meal of the Lord’s Supper, or Holy Communion. With the action of the priest we call Jesus to the table with us, in COMMUNITY. Our primary ministry is outlined for us by Jesus, through the Beatitudes.

For us at St. Dunstan’s, in this time and place we have a variety of ministries, the primary one for us is to provide food and nourishment for anyone.

We see this expression of ministry in the feeding of 5,000 by Jesus, as recorded in all four Gospels. Get out your Bible and read Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:5-15. We at St. Dunstan’s take this to heart, so I want you to report that, from January 1 through 31 2017, from our kitchen we have provided nourishment as follows:

Campsites: 851
Sun. Fellowship: 346
Tues. In-house: 502
St. Agnes: 40

Grand Total: 1,739.

These figures are up over December 2016! As we should rejoice and be glad for our outreach in ministry, we must remain steadfast in our Mission to living the Gospel of Jesus, which has multiple expressions through ministry.

See you next week, I am your bro.
John, O.C.P.

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