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Bishop Paul Jones (1880-1941)


Socialist and Pacifist

This saint of the church is celebrated on September 4th every year.

After being ordained  to the priesthood December 16, 1906, he served at St. John’s Church in Logan, Utah, until he was appointed archdeacon of the diocese in 1914. The house of Bishops elected him the fourth Missionary Bishop of Utah. He was a socialist and an ardent pacifist.

He opposed American participation in World War I, which proved to be a very unpopular position in some sectors of the Episcopal Church. The House of Bishops forced him to resign; he submitted his resignation to the House of Bishops on April 11, 1918. Subsequent to his resignation and for the next 23 years, he continued a ministry within the church dedicated to peace and conscience, speaking always with conviction and gentleness rooted in the Gospels. He is a perfect example for all of us, Laity, Religious, and Clergy, to stand by our beliefs, unflinching, and not caving in under pressure from others.

There is an organization in the church, the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, founded in 1939. In our congregation we have an organizer of a local chapter at St. Dunstan’s, he is WARREN MURRAY – contact Warren at with questions and interest in the work of the church in this area.

It seems it was a short, hot summer, so as it begins to cool down, those of us who have taken to hiding in air conditioned movie houses, super markets, malls, and basements can now think about life above ground again!

See you next week –
bro. John, O.C.P.

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  1. Mary O. Pacher says:

    Hi John,
    I always enjoy and learn from your articles. I thought this one might be a quiz. (I failed.) It didn’t show the name in the Highlights, only on the comment page, but I think that was an oversight. I am impressed and humbled by people like Paul Jones who give up something important for their beliefs. I hope we would all have the strength and conviction to do the same, but it’s one of those “never know ’til you’re put to the test” issues.
    Take care,
    Mary O

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