Christian Hospitality

160121_saintsEach week St. Dunstan’s family extends hospitality to many different people. We call this outreach—you know, the church in the world and all of that. There is an aspect to this that we sometimes forget: hospitality is a two way street.

When we take food to the camps, or serve people coming through our doors, we too are the guests. The folks who we go to or who come to us are sharing hospitality with us as well: they are offering themselves. Through trust to us, they are serving and caring for us by their being present. We are the recipients of ministry; we are the hungry being fed. This extends to all situations of people and groups who come through our doors, such as the Bereavement Group; the Twelve Step Programs; the music school; the Thursday evening Vigil Group; or those who come to worship with us—any one who interacts with this place.

So remember it is not us serving others, it is others offering themselves back to us. They are caring for us as well! We are the hungry and lonely; we are the stranger at the door. So be thankful and gentle with each of them, and be sure to say, “Thank You for Being Here!”

See you next time,
I am your bro. John

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