Church Stuff – Part 1

150917_saintsThere is a new series being taught by Fr David on Sunday mornings on the Anglican Communion, beginning this month. In keeping with the spirit of that, I am doing a two part article on us, Episcopalians!

The Diocese of Olympia is made up of 100 congregations, and we number about 31,000 people! Our Diocese is from the state line with Oregon to the boarder of British Columbia and East to the Cascade Mountain range in 20 counties. Our Diocese is a member of the Episcopal Church, which is divided into 9 Provinces. The Church has dioceses in the United States, Taiwan, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as Convocations of Episcopal Churches in Europe and Navajo-land area mission. The Episcopal Church is now established in 16 nations worldwide. All of these locations come under the jurisdiction of the General Convention, the legislative body of the Church, as well as the oversight of the Presiding Bishop. The Episcopal Church describes itself as being Reformed and Protestant, yet Catholic.

Next week in “Church Stuff – Part 2,” we will take a look at the Office of the Presiding Bishop, the Chief Pastor and Primate of the Episcopal Church. Also, we will take a look at our Presiding Bishop Elect Rt. Rev. Michael Curry. In the meantime check out the series being presented by Fr. David!

I remain, your bro.
John, O.C.P.

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