Church Stuff – Season of Pentecost or Ordinary Time

151119_saintsNext Sunday, November 22nd, is the last Sunday after Pentecost, or the end of what is sometimes called the “green season,” for this time of year the Liturgical color is green. This season begins on the Monday following Pentecost Sunday (see BCP p.32) and continues through the summer into autumn, ending on the Sunday closest to November 23rd. The following Sunday is Advent 1.

Through this time there is a consistency to the Sunday Celebrations, as well as the continued action of the Spirit of God throughout. The Sacred Scriptures that are used tell of the public life and ministry of Jesus, as he reveals the Christ. It is a season when we can take time for quiet contemplation and time to listen to the prompting of the Spirit of God. It is a time of the pace of ordinary life, and giving us the opportunity to find the Sacred in it. For myself it is the time to experience the everyday of life with Jesus as the central focus my spiritual walk.

So now it is time to prepare ourselves to live in anticipation of the Christ in humanity, the Christ Incarnate through the man Jesus—this season of anticipation is Advent. Welcome to the next part of your sojourn into the arms of the Sacred.

See you next time,
I am your bro. John. O.C.P.

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