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Our Communion Rail kneeling cushions were made by the members of St. Dunstan’s, the one above is the CROSS PATEE and was stitched by Mina Fall.

It resembles the Maltese Cross. The four arms are indented to form two points at the end of each arm. This cross is one of the most famous in history; it is the original form used by the Knights Templar. It is the basis for the famous Iron Cross, and at one time was used as a decoration for bravery in Germany. Another graceful and popular derivation is the Paty Patonce, in which the arms end in a three-part floral pattern.

A brief background about the Cross. It is the oldest symbol in the world. Centuries before the Christian era, ancient crosses were in use as pagan emblems. The simple equilateral cross probably was symbolic of SPACE, the EARTH and SKY. It is one of the earliest forms of ancient crosses and was traced on walls and carved in stone long before the birth of Jesus.

Of all Christian symbols the cross is the most universally accepted. See you next week with the continuing story of our kneeling cushions.

bro. John, O.C.P.

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