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Saints Are Us

Discipleship of the Baptized

150326_saintsThe quote at the right from Daystar should be our Rule of Life. We are called into Community to be fed, our spirits nourished and empowered to carry the Gospel of Jesus into everyday life, right in the places each of us finds ourselves. That is our real mission: to be the Living Gospel of Jesus.

I know we all have heard it before!

When someone is looking for Jesus and the Gospel Way, that person should be able to find that in each of us by how we live and interact in life. Others cannot become Disciples if there are no role models to learn from. A life of prayer, study, and community within the Church are how we learn to become those role models. It is how we sponsor and encourage the Disciples who will come after us.

So the end of Lent is almost upon us. I have not written about the “Saints” and their extraordinary lives; I have been writing about the Saints of today – us.

This week on March 25th the Church commemorates the Annunciation to Mary, by the Angel Gabriel, the role she is being asked to take on, to bear the Son of God. An angel is a “Servant of God,” a message bearer. The name Gabriel means “Strength of God.” So St. Mary is an example for us in how to freely accept the call from God, while Gabriel is an example for us on how to be the messenger of the Gospel.

Be fruitful in these last days of Lent, see you next week, to share my meditations on Resurrection.

As always, I am your bro. John, O.C.P.

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