Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury (909-988)

150521_saintsCelebrated on May 19th

Dunstan is our patron, the spiritual Father and Protector of our Congregation. There were many aspects to the life of Dunstan: he was a reformer of Benedictine Monasticism, statesman, educator, and Clerical leader of his time in history. He did not believe in the “separation of civic and religious life, rather saw all aspects of life combined to carry out the call of the Christian Life.” He brought reform to the church and served in humility and Christian love. King Edgar of Mercia appointed him the twenty-third Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dunstan brought the conviction of bringing together and closing the gap between religion and the arts, labor, and government. We all live in the created world, and in it we find life in the Creator—this was the central conviction that moved Dunstan forward.

I think our Patron is proud of us, his named Congregation, for we, like him, work to bring the Church to the world. Since last November we have served over 7,000 people from our kitchen and continue to search and find ways to close the gap between the church and secular life. Thank God for our Patron Saint, and for each other, the Living Saints that comprise this Congregation.

See you next week,

I am your bro.
John, O.C.P.

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