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Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882)

140918_saintsThe Church commemorates Edward Pusey’s life and work on September 18.

His name is associated with the Oxford Movement. This was taking place at the same time as the First Vatican Council. The world was moving from agrarianism to industrialization; this was a time of flux and change for Western Society. The movement was to revive the rich liturgical and devotional life of the Catholic Traditions, as well as the resurgence of Religious Life in the Anglican Tradition (he founded a community of nuns, Ascot Priory, in 1845). Pusey is credited as being the stabilizing factor in the movement. He is remembered for his friendship with Newman (after Newman defected to the Roman church in 1845) and the spirit of dignity and peace that prevailed in his dealings with those who most differed with him. Many of the ways the church of the Anglican Tradition prays and lives out a liturgical life can be attributed to his work and ministry. This is a very brief description of the one the giants of Anglicism, go online and research his life and work, he was an amazing theologian, pastor to the poor, and devoted son of the church.

What will our legacy be to members of the Church in years to come?

See you next week –
bro. John, O.C.P.

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