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SAM_0890You might ask, “what is with the picture” of the sunrise as seen through Steven’s Pass? Well first of all I took it through my kitchen window one October morning. It has always proved to be a touch stone experience for me. Sometimes formal prayer will not work, the church experience will not work, but the morning I saw this sunrise I knew God was present. We all have these times of the God experience, although we are not always willing to call it that! I find the simpler I make my life the fuller it gets, the more I let go of “me and mine” the more I fall into the arms of God. I am sharing this with you because I believe we all are the saints of God, not just the special ones. All of us are called into that sacred personal place to live in the Presence of God. Last week we celebrated a major Feast Day of the Church, All Saints Day, THAT’S US you and me, good times and bad it is still US. Saints are not pretty picture people, they are real living men and women, body functions and all. Never underestimate the power of love, the life of love in you. YOU ARE A SAINT OF GOD!

See you next week,
I am your bro. John, O.C.P.

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