Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (May 31)

160602_saintsToday the Church remembers when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, both being pregnant, as recorded in the Gospel of Luke 1:39-56. Get your Bible out and read of the account.

There are two thoughts that occur to me in regard to this story. The first is when something happens in our lives we turn to the one we trust most, either a family member or a friend. It is important to keep these relationships healthy so we can be there for each other. These relationships are a blessing and a gift from God. The important point is being there for each other at all times. It is at this point the Magnificat is attributed to Mary. In the Hebrew Scriptures there are 95 points of reference that can be associated with this prayer of Mary.

I selected the above illustration as it says what we as followers of Jesus must do. Just as Mary had to leave home (the place of safety and comfort) in order to have recognition for her Son, so we must leave the comfort of the Church and carry our Community into what may seem like an unknown.

We will never find Jesus by staying in the safety of the Church, we will never be able to carry the Love and Work of the Christ to others if we hide in our safe places. So, Church, be bold and leave the building. You are apostles—go “into Galilee” to witness the Christ. Come back home to be fed and refreshed; then go back out again.

See you next week.
I am your bro. John

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