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Francis of Assisi a Friar


The above window depicts Isaiah healing Hezekiah with a poultice of figs (2Kings 20:1-21).  There are 40 references to figs in Sacred Scripture, from Genesis to Revelations.  The properties found in figs are used to heal infection, soothe wounds, soar throats, as they contain an anti-inflammatory agent.   I could have hit upon many other things from nature to make my point, including spit.  When people cut themselves the first thing they do is put the wound to their mouths, Jesus used it in a poultice for a cure.  We forget we are bound to the earth, we are products of the earth and will return to it.  This past week we celebrated the life and work of Francis of Assisi a Friar and Saint who saw and loved the hand of God in everything.  We are surrounded by God, present in and through all of creation, as well as outside of it.  Every part of the natural universe not  only reflects the Holy, it contains the transcendent  Holy Other.

I invite you to do two things:  continue to write and turn in your prayers for the life and growth of St. Dunstan’s, that this congregation may live out the Will of God in this place, and join with me on the morning of October 26 in “Experiencing the Sacred in Silence”.

We forget that we are a part of creation, playing a role in the ongoing evolution of existence.  We humans are not the center of all that is, the center is God.  We must remember our place both as individuals and corporately, we are quickly passing away.  Like everything in creation we have a function for the good of the whole, do it and your reward is Union with the Holy One, God.  As blessed Francis found out life is passing, let us use it in our lives and congregation to “do the workYou have given us to do”.

See you next week – your bro. – John, O.C.P.

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