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150903_saints_01Nice picture of two young adults — sincerely interested in me and my welfare, or possibly more interested in my life savings and assets! You worked hard for years, and these two are more than willing to reap the rewards. What to do? Becoming aware, alert, and smarter than the scammers.

One way is to participate in a group such as “FRAUD ALERT” sponsored by AARP for ALL ages, members and non-members of AARP. Best of all it is FREE!! Go to for online alerts. Join the discussions about how to spot and avoid identity theft and frauds so you can protect yourself and loved ones — and IT IS FREE!!

150903_saints_02Locally, King County Library System in conjunction with AARP is sponsoring programs September through November 2015 throughout the area. To find a program and sign up in your area go to

Just because a person sounds sweet, they seem to like you and want to give you things to make you feel better and less lonely, first:

  • Pay attention, talk with someone you trust.
  • If you are harassed, call the police.

It does not matter if they are strangers or family members, you must protect yourself from the fraud and scammers. Every 2 seconds someone’s identity is stolen.

I will see you next week, back with Saints Are Us and other church stuff!

I am your bro.
John, O.C.P.

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