Holocaust Remembrance Day

Evening of May 4th to the Evening of May 5th, 2016

160512_saintsAll of the victims of the evil of Nazi Terror, men, women, and children; families and lives were destroyed. Childhood and youth was lost for millions. Fast forward to today, many who did survived have relived the horror over each day in their lives. We must remember this time in history and care for those who lived through this; otherwise history will repeat itself. The victims include:

  • Jews,
  • gypsies,
  • LGBTQ people,
  • the physically and mentally challenged,
  • Christians,
  • anyone who did not fit the official, government ideal.

After the liberation many Jews hoped and dreamed to live in Israel, among their own people. The sad news is that today there are 45,000 survivors living below the poverty level because the government has chosen other priorities over their care in Israel (see USA Today article, May 5, 2016, section NEWS 3A). Many of these people must choose between essential medications or food in order to try to have a meaningful existence. “So why is that our concern? Sounds like a foreign government has to solve this one.” That was the attitude during the rise of the Nazi terror!

All of us that descended in the Abrahamic Tradition—Jews, Christians and Muslims—are bound for all time as “children of the same father.” We all have a role to play, to pray, that is important. But write to your Congress and ask where the money we send to Israel is going. How is it being used? Also go online to a website of a nonprofit, Spring for Holocaust Survivors, and read what you might be able to do. This is not a “Jewish problem.” It is a human problem.

Take care –

See you next week –
your bro. John, O.C.P.

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