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150416_saintsDuring the Season of the Resurrection we sing out Alleluias and tell each other Jesus is brought back to life by the Will of the Father! How do we “know” that, how did the early Church “know” that?

I like the thoughts of Bishop Nicholas Thomas Wright of Durham England; this is a summary of his what he has to say. It was not a matter of the empty tomb – there could have been any number of explanations for that, could be the work of devout followers or the authorities of the time. No, the empty tomb was a visual for His followers that he was not there any more. They were convinced He was alive because they could talk to Him, touch Him, eat with Him, and walk on the road with Him. Look at the picture of St. Thomas – that is how he knew Jesus, the man, was alive! That is how all of the others knew as well.

Time passed; the early followers (the infant church) passed; all of the first hand witnesses are gone! So where do we fit in? Well first Jesus told us, “I will be with you even until the end of the age.” Nice words, but how do we know He is alive?

Well dear Saints of God (remember, last time I explained that is all of us), we see Him with the eyes of Faith in our hearts; we hear Him with eager ears of anticipation in the Word; and we eat with Him and each other at the Table of Holy Eucharist. We touch Him in everyday life as we interact in life with others around us. We the Baptized risen from death with Him; we are the People of the Resurrection living out the Will of the Father in everyday life.

See you next week,
I am your bro. John, O.C.P.

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