Hudson Stuck

Priest, Archdeacon of the Diocese of Alaska, Environmentalist and Explorer

160428_saintsThat seems like a lot of things for one man’s life! However, Hudson was a man of many talents.

Hudson Stuck was born in 1863 in England and came to the United States in 1885. He graduated from the University of the South in 1892. From 1894 to 1904 he served as Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Dallas, Texas. In 1905 he moved to Fort Yukon, Alaska, were he served as Archdeacon for the rest of his life. He was known for for his charity, built a hospital in Fort Yukon and parishes and schools across Alaska. He was known as a compassionate priest and a champion of Native Alaskans. He traveled throughout the Diocese by dog sled. He encouraged others to work as missionaries in the Alaskan wilderness, and he was above all else first and always a priest of the Gospel of Jesus.

The world recognizes Hudson for putting together the first climbing party to ascend Denali, reaching the top in 1913. This is the highest point in North America (20,310 feet above sea level)! Hudson was a part of the movement “Muscular Christianity” which stressed physical challenges and toughness of spirit. Teddy Roosevelt was also a part of this movement, as were others. The movement was responsible for the founding of the YMCA. Search his name online and look for the video “Why Climb? – Denali” on YouTube.

I find Hudson Stuck an inspiration in that he did not allow anything or anyone stand in his way in living the Gospel. He passed into God in 1920 and was buried in a Native Alaskan cemetery, as was his desire. The Church celebrates his life and work on April 22 each year.

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