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James of Jerusalem

131024_James_JerusalemOn October 23rd the Church celebrates the life and mission of St. James of Jerusalem, known as James the Just. Scholars differ on his relationship to Jesus, some believe he was His brother, some a half brother, and some say he was a cousin of Jesus. The role he played in the early church overshadows this debate. According to 1 Cor 15:7, he witnessed an appearance of Christ after the Resurrection. He was clearly a leader of the early church at Jerusalem. He presided at the Council of Jerusalem which dealt with the issues that divided Jewish and Gentile Christians. James was put to death in Jerusalem by the Sanhedrin in the year 62 c.e. James is traditionally acknowledged as the author of the Epistle James. Hegesippus, an early church historian, referred to James as “the Just” for his piety and dedicated prayer life.

Remember to pray the Congregational Prayer all week, it was in the announcement insert in the bulletin.

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