Jesus the Jew

160623_saintsAs Christians this far away in time from the earthly life of Jesus—who he was, and the faith tradition he was a part of—I selected this illustration not because I want to push a book. I am trying to make a point, and it seems to summarize what I am getting at.

I have heard people say Jesus was the first Christian, or that his earthly mother, Mary, was the first Christian, both of which are false assumptions. Remember, we are the followers of a Jewish Rabbi. The way of approaching the Sacred is colored by that Tradition. Our fundamentalist brothers and sisters become locked into a way of thinking that is narrow and restrictive. We as Episcopalians from the Anglican Tradition are taught to think and reason, as people from the Jewish Tradition are. So don’t get locked into a fundamentalist way of thinking; I think that is taking the easy way out—phrases like “the Bible says”, “the preacher said” and the “good ole religion is good enough for me” are ways of being lazy in the spiritual journey. Think and reason through. The Sacred is not static, we can’t be in our approach to a life in God.

See you next time –
bro. John

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