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150312_saintsLent – a time of giving something up – maybe a small thing that really has little impact on our everyday lives, but it makes us feel good about ourselves and hopefully will placate God. We are then free to go about our lives as we see fit.

However there is another way – taking on the life of Discipleship, living as a Rule of Life, the simple outline presented here. Something like that would completely redefine who we are and how we live. Well, first our lives are not ours to take for granted and carry out on our own terms; we belong to God through Jesus Christ. The gift of who we are and our talents are given to use for others.

The Congregation of St. Dunstan’s already has taken on the life of Discipleship, and lives out the “simple Rule Of Life” outlined above. Take a look at us now and how we were fives years ago—see the difference Discipleship makes! For new people entering our Congregation, we are to lead them into this way of life through the way we live out the Gospel Life and by demonstrating a joyful life of service through the Gospel.

It is difficult at times for us to think of ourselves as the “Saints Are Us,” but we are! We are not stained glass window images types (neither were those who went before us); we are a people who take the Gospel Life and apply it to our every day lives. So for the rest of Lent, be determined to continue on the path we have begun, being joyful, so that others who come will find rolling up their sleeves and doing the work of Jesus is what fills their hearts with Resurrection Joy.

See you next week –
bro. John. O.C.P.

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