Living Our Role

Sunset at the North Pole

Sunset at the North Pole

I selected this picture to share with you to help build an understanding of the existence of the Holy One and to help raise an awareness of the mysteries of Creation. We talk about Lent, what we will give up, and sometimes we walk around with our heads down centered on ourselves and our “sacrifice.”

We have to stop thinking about what we give up and look up, see the world we are a part of, and as humans, the damage we are doing to it. The gift of creation demands both a communal repentance for the harm we inflict on life around us and a turning around, a conversion of life both as individuals and a species.

Say you are sorry for the damage selfish living inflicts, and then take action to try to rectify it. For so long we have thought of ourselves as the centerpiece of creation. We are not: we are a part of it. We must grow up and into the reality that God loves all of creation, and we must live out the role we are created for.

See you next week –
bro. John

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