Monica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo (331-387)

150507_saintsMonica was a woman of means, the wife of a Provincial of Tagaste, named Patricius. They had two sons, Augustine and Navigius. Monica’s husband was a pagan who was converted to Christianity through the influence of his wife. Her one son, Augustine was sent to the finest institutions of learning where he was taught the philosophies of the day. He developed a secular, pagan mind set. For years his mother prayed for his conversion to the Faith. When that occurred he later became a great mind in of the Christian Faith. The prayers of a mother, her fidelity to the Christian Way and to our Lord won her family over to Jesus.

Recent excavations at Ostia have uncovered her original tomb. Her remains, however, were transferred in 1430 to the Church of St. Augustine in Rome.

The lesson we can learn from her life is remaining faithful to prayer can bring about change in the world. It can take a long time, but we must never stop offering prayer and the sacrifice of the heart to seek the will and glory of God. I have always believed the prayer of a parent is the strongest and most effective prayer there is. So pray for and with your children everyday, no matter how “adult” they become. Each one of them is still your child, they will always be yours in your heart. The quickest way for Our Heavenly Father to find them is to look into the praying heart of a parent.

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