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151105_saintsDo you remember the hit single of 1967 “Silence Is Golden,” recorded by the group the Tremeloes? It was number 11 of the top 100 that year! Silence is golden—at least in my life, so I want share with you how that came about for me.

Living in Community for 10 years provided me with a way of living in everyday life; one of those important ways is living most of my life in silence. As brothers in a house (125 men) it was important that there were ways to accommodate the spiritual growth of all of the members. We were taught how to walk, open and close doors and windows, and do other tasks without making any sound. The Great or Grand Silence began after the last Community Prayer of the day (Compline) and lasted through the night until after Morning Prayer, Meditation Holy Eucharist and breakfast, which is when the Lesser Silence began for the day. I am telling you all of this as it still has a profound effect on my daily life. Most of the time at home is lived in silence, a positive way to go through life for me.

Our Western Society views silence as punitive. We live with constant noise (hearing and seeing), T.V., recorded music, radio, computers always on, always being bombarded. But God speaks to the heart; spiritual writers call it “listening with the ear of the heart.” We cannot communicate with God if we are constantly distracted. So shut it all down, don’t run to answer the phone (the caller will leave a message), and take time to listen and talk with the Sacred One. We know from our human experience you cannot love someone if you don’t have a healthy communication with that person. It is the same with God! Give it a try – you may be surprised how this will affect your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

See you next week,
I am your bro. John, O.C.P.

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  1. Dorenda says:

    SO true! Chris & I are exact opposites on this issue – I LOVE silence, I cherish the chance to sit outside and just listen to the world while he ALWAYS has an MP3 player around his neck & headphones on. He is missing SO much. Silence is not just quiet, it is peaceful, soothing. I could spend hours sitting gazing at my flowers, watching big fat bumble bees ducking into them one by one collecting nectar. It is VERY relaxing and allows you to “center” yourself.

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