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140116_saintsEustace Paul Ziegler was born in Detroit on July 24, 1881. The son of an Episcopal priest, he and his three other brothers  all followed their father into the priesthood. From early on he wanted to be an artist, his parents willingly supported him in that calling but with the stipulation he would have to support his own family when that time came. He felt called to the ministry of a  Lay Missionary to Alaska during the frontier days in that state’s history. He settled in Cordova, running an established Episcopal Mission called the “Red Dragon.” He and his wife Mary worked for the Church. He designed and built the church of St. George in Cordova. After his eventual ordination to the priesthood, he and Mary continued to work in Alaska. When he left the active priesthood, they moved to Seattle to expand his work as an artist and a teacher of art. When he was leaving Alaska Bishop Rowe summed up his life and work: “to know Eustace Ziegler was to know an unforgettable person. Few workers in the Alaskan mission field were better known, or beloved by the men who follow the frontier. He possessed a rich sense of humor, was a unique storyteller, a diligent pastor, and a lover of mankind.”

Some of the places his work can be seen are exhibited at the Frye Museum; the White House in Washington, D.C.; Washington State Convention Center;  as well as exhibited in major museums across the United States. His works are a part of St. James Cathedral, Seattle; St. George, Cordova; St. Stephen’s, Fort Yukon to mention but a few. He was commissioned by the Alaska Steamship Company; Washington State Press Club; Seattle Post Intelligencer; The Olympic Hotel; as well as other known institutions. His life’s mission was expressed through his art; his life as a priest took on a unique expression. Always a faithful son of the Gospel and the church, he died in 1969.

Next week will be the first of a two part “Saints are Us”  highlighting the life of Chief Garry Spokan. He has a special place in the life of St. Dunstan’s!

See you then,
bro. John, O.C.P.

Read more about Eustace Ziegler here.

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