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Unknown-1Dear Friends – I chose this picture because it illustrates the humanity of Mary and Jesus in that relationship. Mary has been given many titles over the centuries; there is one, in my mind, that describes her more than any other, it is Theotokos. It means, among other things, the one who bears God. It illustrates the hypostatic union of divinity and humanity in one person, Jesus, the Christ. Mary was declared the Theotokos at the Council of Ephesus, in 431 c.e.

Why do I think this is the best example for us? We as Christians can see in the Theotokos the model of what our life as Christians is about: we bear the Presence of God to the world around us. We carry Jesus into everyday life. So Mary is model of how we are to live out our call; after we, like her, have said yes to the prompting of the Spirit of God.

This is my wish for you dear friends, live as Mary did in bearing the Presence of God to the world.

Look at the illustration. In Christian art the colors tell the story of the painting, as well as the setting. Blue = the color of virginity; Red = the color of blood being shed, as in martyrdom, or giving birth; White = purity; and Gold = the symbol of heaven. In artwork depicting the Mother of Jesus, you will always see red and blue; sometimes white and/or gold, depending what the artist is depicting. These colors are used for virgin martyrs as well, such as St. Agnes.

Sit back, listen in silence for the coming of our Lord in your heart, and be willing to carry Him into the world around you. This is a gift of love, given to you to give away to others: be a God bearer for our world.

After the first of the year all of the prayers the congregation wrote for St. Dunstan’s will be put out for everyone to keep.

See you January – with a brother’s love to each of you,
John, O.C.P.

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