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141204_saintsWe are now approaching mid-stream – the Second and Third Sundays of Advent. The prophets all through Sacred Scripture, up to and including St. John the Baptist, foretold the coming of the Messiah, God Incarnate. Not only did these holy men and women foretell the Presence of God in human history, they also told us how to prepare for the event. This is not all “stuff of the past;” we are surrounded by prophets in our everyday lives that take on many forms and dimensions. What is the trick to all of this? How do I recognize a prophet? They are not folks or beings with a bright light surrounding then; they are the everyday run of the mill person we meet: the grocery clerk, the person asking for money on the corner, our teachers, our children and teens, our elders, even our pets. We must be willing to discern when the Holy One speaks to us and what we are being told, both as individuals and as Society.

When was the last time the Holy one spoke to you through another? Have you been open enough to see and hear? When was the last time The Holy One spoke to someone else through you? We all are prophets to one another at one time or another. We each must be willing to be an instrument in the hands of God, even if that means we are to be ignored, persecuted, or disappointed. The thing about being a person who bears a message from God is you are simply the means used for God to communicate to someone else, the key virtue in play here is HUMILITY. Think about it!

I want to share a meditation with you: Society likes to call this time of year HOLIDAY SEASON, so the merchants among us have paved the path and set their tables to suit themselves. Now I want you to take HOLIDAY SEASON, break the word Holiday at the “i” so you “Hol.” Then add back the letter “y.” You now have the original meaning of this time of year: HOLY DAY SEASON. This is a season of different Holy Days, a time to draw close to the the Holy One. So think of it this way – Holy Day Season starts on November 1st, All Saints Day, which takes us to the First Sunday of Advent – (New Years Day in the Christian world), which takes us to Christmas, to Epiphany, to Lent, to Resurrection, to Pentecost – so the year is a HOLY DAY SEASON. Let the secular world have its “holiday season,” but don’t buy into it. Look for the prophets and follow their lead into the Presence of the Holy.

See you next week, stay God Centered this week –
bro. John, O.C.P.

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