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Pentecost service

Saints Are Us

Remember the Church is Like a Patchwork Quilt!

quiltWe are made up of many different parts, and in many ways look very different from each other, but are all united in Jesus.  This week the Church celebrates the lives of these folks!

Remember to look them up online to read about these witnesses for Jesus.  See you next week with names of more heroes of Christ!  I am your bro. John, O.C.P.


16: Richard Meux Benson, 1824-1915 | Monk and founder of Society of St. John the Evangelist; and
Charles Gore, 1853-1932 | Bishop of 3 Diocese in England and founder of the Community of the Resurrection.

17: Anthony of Egypt | died in 356, Monk, Desert Father, founder of desert monastic community and spiritual reformer.

18: Confession of St. Peter | Apostle of Jesus

19: Wulfstan, 1008-1095 | Benedictine Monk and Bishop of Worcester.

20: Fabian, Martyred in 250 | A Layman elected as Bishop of Rome by the acclaim of the People, martyred under the persecution of the Roman Emperor Decius.

21: Agnes, Martyred at Rome 304 | A young girl who refused to renounce Christ. In Greek her name means “pure, in Latin it means “lamb.

See you next week,
I am your bro.  John, O.C.P.

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