Remembering the Celebration of Holy Innocents

160107_saintsDec. 28th of the Church Year

This is a hard picture to look at—that is why we as Christian People we MUST look at it and pray over it. Take a long hard look.

His name was Alan Kurdi, age 2. He drowned in the Mediterranean Sea after his family tried to escape the war in Syria. Since this picture was taken, over 100 more children drowned, but no one was there to take their pictures. Now read MARK 10: 13-16, look at the picture again, then pray and re-pray this scripture while contemplating the death of Alan.

No matter what politicians say to bolster their egos and advance their causes, keep this image in your mind and heart when you cast your ballot. Make our system of government work FOR the innocent and vulnerable—no life is a throw away, all are sacred in the heart of God.

See you next week –
I am your bro. John

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