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Saints Are Us: All Saints Day November 1st

Saints Are Us I am suspending our series on the Daily Office. Part 4 it will continue next week. This week we are celebrating the Feast of All Saints. Here At St. Dunstan’s we combine this celebration with the Feast of All Souls, celebrated on November 2nd, and commemorate them on the Sunday following. This year’s celebration is November 6th—also when Day Light Savings Time ends!

Why is this so important? In the life of the Church Calendar there are seven major feast days, All Saints being one of them. It has great significance insofar it is the recognition of the whole Church — those who have gone before us, those of us who are now here, and those who are to come. Saints are known and recognized, but for the majority of us are in time forgotten (think in 75 – 100 hundred years who will know you ever existed). You will be recognized in the Heart of God as a member of the Communion of the Saints, and that brings me to the point I want to make. All of the Baptized are called into this life in God through our Life in Jesus. I am not discounting non-Christians or the rest of creation, however for those of us who have accepted Jesus as the Christ in our lives, this day has a great significance. All of us are called to be “saints”, and we have a distorted image of that. These are not “holy Joes and Janes”, not stained glass images of people with haloes—that is a distortion.

If you read the real lives of these people you will see many human traits, like St. Jerome who translated Sacred Scripture into the language of the people, they say he had “a short fuse”, was cantankerous and did not shine in the area of personal relations. Saints were drinkers, thieves, unfaithful in marriage commitments and all around every day people! The difference being they accepted their lives in Jesus and worked to live out their Baptismal promises. We make the mistake telling ourselves, “oh I can’t do that.” Yes you can. The first thing to do is accept who you are, Love God and Love your Neighbor, it is that simple JUST SAY YES.

See you next week.

I am your bro.
John, O.C.P.

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