Saints Are Us: Experiencing The Holy Within Pt. 3 

So it has begun, Lent that is. It is time for us to tend our spiritual lives to find out where we are with God. One way to do this is to experience the Sacred Scriptures through contemplation in deep silence. Your immediate reaction to that may be, “well John that is easy for you to say, I don’t have the space or the time to do that”. My response to that is make the time and call it your Lenten practice. Tending to your internal spiritual journey is of the utmost importance. Spiritual teachers call this falling into Grace, this helps us enter a new dimension of awareness of both God and ourselves.

The Sacred Scriptures I recommend are Matthew 5:3-12 (Sermon on the Mount) and Luke 6: 17-26 (Sermon in the Field), for myself I use the translation known as “The Message”. The Beatitudes are so familiar to us we often miss the deeper meaning of the word JOY. The experience of Joy only comes through total liberation and freedom. These Scripture selections tell us how to do that. After a couple of days contemplating these teachings of Jesus, sit with a crucifix or a picture of the crucifixion of Jesus. For it is here that ultimate liberation, freedom and joy can be seen. It may seem like a very odd place to find joy, but it is only through total surrender of self to the Father we find liberation and freedom. All we have to do is turn over to God our will and our heart. For remember in this part of life we are simply passing through.

See you next week, I am your bro.
John, O.C.P.

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