Saints Are Us – On the Road to Bethlehem and beyond

town-of-bethlehemThis is the last “Saints Are Us” for 2016.  As we travel this road to Bethlehem remember it is the beginning of the road for us Christians. It moves us beyond, along the way through the public life of Jesus, to His betrayal, His murder on the Cross, and to the empty tomb of Easter.

We can not live one without any of the others, all are interconnected.  Each aspect of the life of Jesus is reflected in the journey each of us Christians must follow and live out.  Just as His life led Him to the realization who He was becoming so it is true for each of us.  The thought I wish to leave with you to ponder is about each of our lives as lived in the heart of the Sacred One:  “growing is always becoming who you already are”.  Have a Holy Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

See you in January,
I am your bro. John, O.C.P.

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