Saints Are Us – William White, 1747 – 1836

William WhiteWilliam attend college in Philadelphia, graduating in 1765. In 1770 he went to England where he was ordained a Deacon and Priest. He returned to his home in America and became the assisting priest at the church of Christ and St. Peter, serving in the years of 1772-1779.

He also served as Chaplain of the Continental Congress, 1777-1789, and the Chaplain of the United States Senate in 1880. Chosen unanimously as first Bishop of Pennsylvania, he and Bishop-elect of New York Samuel Provoost went to England and were consecrated Bishops on Septuagesima Sunday. February 4, 1787.

Bishop White was the chief architect of the Constitution of the American Episcopal, and overseer of its life during the first generation of its history. He established and organized the First and Second General Conventions of the Church. He was a theologian, and responsible for the formation of the first leaders of the Church. His native city, Philadelphia, gave him the honor of naming him its “First Citizen”. He was the leading force of the Church through its first years of Independent life.

I feel we can see in his life an example of dedication in living out the Gospel of Jesus, through the Church.

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