Samson Occum: First Ordained Native American

SaintsAreUs_0710Samson was born in 1723, New London, CT – Educated at Yale University and died July 14, 1792 at Stockbridge, NY. He was a member of the Mohegan Nation.

He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1759. After preaching in England to raise funds to support a school for Native Americans and raising more than eleven thousand pounds, he came back to find that the money had been used to educate Englishmen instead.

Following a dispute with the colonial government of Connecticut over a lack of compensation for lands they had sold, Occum and many other Mohegan’s moved to Oneida territory in upstate New York. He and his companions founded the Brothertown Community. He was a deeply spiritual man, converting many of his people, which later helped the relocation of his people.

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