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Sarah Josepha Hale (Oct. 24, 1788 – Apr. 30, 1879)

140501_saints_sarah-josepha-haleSarah Josepha Hale was a faithful daughter of the Church, as well as being an author, editor, poet and advocate for social justice. She was born in Newport, New Hampshire. In 1813 she married a lawyer, David Hale, and they had five children. He died in 1822, and she supported the children by her writing. The favorite nursery rhyme “Mary had a Little Lamb”  was published in her book Poems for Our Children in 1830. She also edited four different magazines.

She advocated “female improvement,” the kindergarten movement, education for the deaf, charitable organizations, the movement to win property rights for women, the deaconess movement being imported from Germany, and the foreign mission file for women. She campaigned for funds to complete the Bunker Hill monument and to have Mount Vernon named a national shrine. She work diligently to have Thanksgiving Day declared a national holiday under President Lincoln. She was a convert to the Episcopal Church, an active member at Holy Trinity, Philadelphia. The Church honors her for her advocacy for women and the deaconess movement in the United States.


140501_saints_images-3On another matter…

recently, I renewed my car tabs by mail. In the mailing with the new plate tab came an insert called “Transit Incentive Program.” All you do is fill it out and mail it back; then you will receive in the mail 8 free bus passes on King County Metro. I sent it in, when they come in the mail, I will turn the passes in to the parish office so when folks need bus fare we can  provide it! Really a simple and painless way to help other people out.

See you next week
– bro. John, O.C.P.

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