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141016_saintsNovember 1st is All Saints’ Day, one of the MAJOR RED LETTER DAYS in the Church Year. We at Saint Dunstan’s will be celebrating all of those who have come before us on Sunday November 2nd. We are celebrating all of us through the ages, now and in the ages to come. Traditionally this has been known as “The Church Glorified” — those who have passed on into God. “The Church Militant” are those who are here now and those who are to come. We all make up the People of God; we all have a story to tell. The dead are not gone — they are in the presence of God, as well as those yet to be born, and us who are spirits having the human experience.

In preparation for the Great Feast of All Saints’ Day I am offering a time to tell a story, Sharing Happy Memories, on October 28, 7:00PM (after the Tuesday Community Dinner). Come and sit with others; tell a FUN story about someone who made your life a joyful experience, and listen to others tell their stories!

Hope to see you on the evening of October 28th,
bro. John, O.C.P.


  1. Kay Wagner says:

    Dear Father John –
    I do not know if Father David will participate in your Day of Remembering, but if he does, you can ask him for one of these (Now Happy) family memories:

    At age nine what was he doing when we brought his new brother home from the hospital?
    At age 16, (first got driver’s license) what was in the front yard when he came back from his first spin in the family Volkswagen?
    At age 17, what happened when he forgot to give Mom back her car keys?
    At age 22, what sent part part of the wedding party to the hospital before the wedding?
    At age 27, what did he do that made Mom burst into tears of new joy for the first time (hint: fireplace)?

    Blessings – His Mom

    • Br. John says:

      Dear Kay – if you can come to dinner on the 28th and stay to tell a fun story it would be great! I emailed David and told him to read your list!! Thanks for your input. Br. John Ryan, O.C.P.

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