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St. Catherine of Siena (April 29th)

150430_saintsCatherine Benincasa entered Religious Life in Dominican community. She was the youngest of twenty five children in her family. Upon entering community she took up nursing, as did many of the nuns of her time, caring for the outcasts of society with diseases such as leprosy and cancer.

From her early childhood she experienced mystical visions of Our Lord. It is believed in 1366 in one such vision the Savior appeared with Mary and the Heavenly Host, and espoused her to himself. There was much debate both within the church and society at the time over the validity of her mystical experiences.

She still remained faithful to Community and the Works of Mercy as well as providing spiritual guidance for souls. The most noted of her writings is The Dialogue, written in 1377-78. In 1939 she and Francis of Assisi were named the Patron Saints of Italy, and in 1970 she was named a Doctor of the Church.

She fell to illness, paralyzed and exhausted she died at the age of thirty-three in the year 1380. Her body remains incorrupt.

For us her fidelity to Gospel Life and Commitments made are a good example in a world and society in which we are encouraged to self serving and violence. The love of Our Lord Jesus, when central in our lives, brings with it crosses to bear (He told us that!) as well as the reward of unselfish love.

Listen in your heart for the movement of the Spirit leading you in directions you never imagined.

Until next week, I remain your
bro. John, O.C.P.

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