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St. Michael and All Angels (celebrated on September 29)

140925_saintsIn the realm of the world of the Spiritual Life, these created beings are messengers, defenders, warriors of God, and protectors from evil, and are in constant worship of the All Holy One. The church takes this day each year to remind us of the role angels play in the scheme of God’s design. We are on the “same side” in the battle against the evil one (according to tradition a fallen angel — Lucifer; the name means “light”). We too are created spirits but have a physical experience.

Over the eons when God sends a messenger, it may take on human or some other form to convey the message to us. I could go on about the traditions around this belief and document from Sacred Scripture the interactions of these created beings with us, but that would be redundant. An important thing to remember is we can only try to imagine these spirits. If you recall, the recorded interactions between human and angelic spirits usually open with the phrase “don’t be afraid…” These are Awesome creations and reflections of the All Holy One.

Now I have to say WHAT ANGELS ARE NOT! They are not the ephemeral beings having designer bodies, with fluffy wings; they are not floating heads with wings either: these are all figments of our imaginations. When an infant or child dies IT IS WRONG to say “God wanted His little angel with Him.” The dead infant/child is a human spirit alive in the Sacred Presence of the Holy. They are not angels. They are what the church calls — SAINTS! They become part of the Church Glorified!

Next week I am going to share my thoughts on Blessed Father Francis of Assisi, there is a connection between the celebration of Michaelmas and Francis, for had a great devotion to St. Michael. He required his brothers to do a forty day fast leading up to the feast day of St. Michael, a second Lent! It still remains part of the Rule of the Friars Minor (Franciscans of the First Order).

Much to think about – see you next week!

bro. John, O.C.P.

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