St. Peter and St. Paul, June 29th

160630_saintsTwo Apostles that were in many ways far apart in their approach as who “was a follower” of Jesus of Nazareth, yet both bound in a common life in their love for Jesus. Paul was a well-educated and cosmopolitan Jew of Dispersion, while Peter was an uneducated fisherman from Galilee.

Peter was incessant upon maintaining Jewish exclusiveness, while Paul convinced of the mission to the Gentiles. They came together in their common mission of the Gospel. Both traveled to Rome in Mission, where they both were martyred. A generation after their deaths, Clement of Rome around 96 C.E. stated Peter endured numerous trials for his beliefs, while Paul was an example of endurance in the Faith. June 29th is the observance of their martyrdom at Rome under Nero, in 64 C.E.

The example we can learn, as Christians, is we can have different views and disagree with each other, as long as we are faithful to the Gospel of Jesus, in Love.

See you again in two weeks,
I remain your bro. John, O.C.P.

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