The Moravian Church, Part 3

Picture is an historic representation

Caution: this three-part series has been an overview of this historic Christian Tradition, I invite you to a deeper exploration.

A WORLD OVERVIEW: Dialogue was established between Anglicanism and Moravians beginning in the 1740’s. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the Church of England and the Moravians came to an agreement in 1995 known as the Fetter Lane Communion Statement, establishing communion between the two. The Evangelical Lutheran Church and The Episcopal Church established full communion with the Moravian Church in 1999. Their Christian Tradition is in Communion with other traditions: Mar Thomas; Old Catholic Church of the Union of Utrecht; Philippine Independent Church; and the Church of Sweden. Currently there are more than one million members worldwide in 19 Provinces of Unity. Their mission is to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the poorest and marginalized of the world.

IN THE UNITED STATES: Currently the Church is established in 16 states and U.S. Possessions. The Moravian College (the greyhound is their mascot!) was established in 1742 in Bethlehem, PA. It shares a campus with their accredited Theological Seminary, which offers a Master of Divinity as well as other degrees in Pastoral Ministry; Religious Studies and History; and World Religion Studies. Although the Moravians played an important role in Colonial American History, today they number about 60,000 in all areas of our society in two Provinces, Northern and Southern. In the Northwest, the Fellowship is centered in Des Moines, WA, and includes the Alaskan Fellowship.

There is a Moravian Fellowship in Canada. Again, I encourage you to read more about our fellow Christians; they are an inspirational people.

See you next week, when I will begin a series on “What is Vocation” in light of your Baptismal Commitment. We will look at: Single Life; Marriage: Ordained Ministry; and Consecrated Life (living under Religious Vows, like me!). See you then – keep praying that we overcome violence and killing each other.

As always, I am your bro. John

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