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The Story of the Kneeler Cushions at Our Altar


The above illustration is a good thought to spend time with as an introduction to a series I am offering here: the story of the kneeler cushions at our altar. When I first came to St. Dunstan’s three years ago, these cushions were one of the things that spoke to my spirit. The cushions were executed by 9 women of this parish with a backup crew who supported and enhanced the work. The cushions bear the image of 10 different crosses, and the crown of thorns. This series will take from 10 to 12 weeks and will take us well into Lent. The last installation of the series will be all of the names of the Saints of St. Dunstan’s who worked to bring this project to life. I am working from the dedication program of June 5,1994, when Fr. Dement blessed them. The program was prepared and executed by our own Dawn Friend.

Kneeling is a deep and reverential gesture of the body, an outward expression of the heart. It is more than outward act of submission; it is an act that expresses love that rises up in our hearts. So I welcome you to this journey. The information I am using is  the dedication program, on loan to me from St. Agnes Guild. Remember the illustration above — that should be the first thing we do. Alas, it seems too often it is the last thing we do!

Next week we will begin with the explanation of the cross in history and the role it has had in the human story.

Keep praying
bro. John, O.C.P.

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