Welcome to Lent!

150219_saintsThe attached image is a powerful message and an idea you can implement for your Lenten Journey. This sounds like something we would attribute to God, ever forgiving and loving. But the life of The Holy One is in us, and we can tap into it.

In order to grow into our life in God, we have to be able to free ourselves from ourselves and from other things and people that hold us back from our destiny in the Holy. We must first forgive ourselves — you know the stuff inside that no one except you and God knows about, the stuff we keep hidden away in a dark cave. You first must take it out into the light of a relationship with God and hold it up to the light, ask for forgiveness from God and yourself. This is the stuff we keep hitting ourselves over the head with, like slamming your hand in a car door over and over, saying, “That hurts — I don’t want to do that again!” But we still keep doing it! When we get past ourselves we then can forgive others, even if they don’t ask for or want it.

Why would you do that? Well once you do you are free from all of the stuff you carry around that eats away at you, kind of like a person who hordes stuff, it is clutter in your internal life that holds you back from growth into the Holy. That is an aspect of Lent and Good Friday: The Holy One, through Jesus, has forgiven all sins and offenses; whether we want the forgiveness or not, it’s a done deal! Think about this and see how you can forgive yourself and others through the Grace of Our Lord’s Redemptive work, even if you can’t see the reasoning behind it.

See you next week – be joyful in our Lenten Season, and think about making use of “Reconciliation of a Penitent” (BCP, page 447-451).

bro. John, O.C.P.

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