Who Are You? Something to Think About.

150319_saintsBefore I share my thoughts on the attached quote from C.S. Lewis, I want to congratulate all of us from St. Dunstan’s for clearing “the Ides of March” intact!

The above quote is important to think on in these latter days of Lent. It gives us a perspective on our true natures — it is a reality check! We are born into this realm of life, forgetting where we have come from. It seems we have to learn the truth of our existence, and where we are going. This quote I think gives a true picture of our eternal life in the Holy One. You might be thinking, he seems pretty far out in these thoughts, but I am not: we are born with nothing and we die with nothing — that is a sobering statement for Lent! Whatever happens in between these two events in our existence determines how we will continue into the Holy One. Each of us is a spirit made in the image of the Holy. We are called back to the place we have come from; the “life lessons” we experience and are willing to learn from will determine how our “journey into God” will go. At this point we have a shot at how that will progress; each of us has the freedom to choose.

This week, on March 19th is the Feast of St. Joseph, spouse of St. Mary and a father to Jesus. First, it is a major celebration of the Church Year — it is not a Lenten day!! We can look in Scripture and see a life lived in conformity to the Will of God and a life lived in love. That is how St. Joseph lived in time, a good example for each of us (to read about him look in the First and Second Chapters of the Gospel of Matthew and Luke).

See you next week –
bro. John

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