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William Tyndale

141009_saints_01Translator of the Sacred Scriptures into English; celebrated on October 6th each year

Born near the Welsh border in 1495, he was educated at Oxford and Cambridge and ordained about 1521. His passion in life was to translate the Holy Scriptures into English; there was strong opposition to this by King Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey, and others. These men wanted to keep the people ignorant in order to maintain control of the faithful. William fled to Germany in 1524 to continue his work of translation; however, he was betrayed by a friend. Consequently, he was strangled and burned at the stake on October 6, 1536. At the time of his martyrdom, he had completed the translation of the New Testament and parts of the Hebrew Scriptures, particularly the Pentateuch.

In spite of opposition, how willing are we to do the work we have been given to do and see it to it’s end, at whatever cost? The life of the Christian can be very demanding; the price can be a high one to pay. Are you ready?

Look up Tyndale’s story on the internet. If you know a young person who needs a hero, here is one!

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