The Church that Feeds People

Pentecost service


23rd Sunday after Pentecost, Br. John Ryan

141116_coverMatthew 25:14-30

Year A, 23rd Sunday after Pentecost

This story Jesus is telling seems to be unjust in regards to the servant who hid the money rather then risk loosing it. But it is precisely the point that Jesus is making: like the other two servants he should have taken the risk to multiply the profits of the master. As the baptized we are being told to be bold, take the risk, and use the gifts we have been given until our hands are empty for the good of others; then God will give us more gifts to use for the sake of others. What we are given is not for us to keep; rather, it is given for us to use for the growth of God’s Kingdom To live and love is dangerous, risking yourself as a Christian can get your heart broken and thrown into the open arms of God.

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