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Pentecost service


Br. John Ryan: One With God

Luke 24:44-53

Brother John offers his reflection on the humanity of Jesus . Jesus was a total and complete human being. Brother John connects us to Jesus by telling us the story of Jesus traveling to Bethany. We all have a home, and it is our tether. We might not live there, most of us don’t, but we all have that place that we consider “home.” For Jesus, his “home” was Bethany. A place of great significance for him and when he traveled there he was traveling to his Earthly home to travel into his Heavenly home.

After connecting us to Jesus through the idea that both we and Jesus have a “home,” Brother John reminds us that when Jesus ascended into heaven he was a total and complete human being. When Jesus traveled to heaven he became one with God. Brother John reminds us that this is what we are all called on to do: become one with God.

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