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Pentecost service


Jon Pacher: Beyond the Shadows in a Cave

John 3:1-17

In his youth sermon, graduating high school senior and member of our youth group, Jon Pacher reflects on two of the concepts within the Gospel; knowledge and understanding. Jon emphasized how we can broaden our experience of God if we accept that God is beyond our conception. He uses Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” in which a group of people are stuck, since birth, in a cave. Their world is shadows on the wall. If one escapes into the world he will first be overwhelmed with all the new sights, colors and brightness. Eventually, he will come to understand the new sights. He will be more fulfilled because of his new found understanding beyond the world of shadows. But if he tries to take his new understanding of the world back to the other people in the cave they will debunk him. They will do this because the shadows are all they know, it is their only reality. Jon reminds us to not let ourselves be the ones stuck in the cave. Jon reminds us to come out of the cave by understanding God’s unequivocal love for us and accepting God’s love through our faith.

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