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Pentecost service


Tap Into the Mystical

Mark 9: 2-9

Brother John Ryan offers another beautiful, prayerful sermon on the Transfiguration of Jesus, calling the Transfiguration the connection between God and humanity. We are mystical beings having a physical experience, John says. You can access and experience the mystical because you are a mystical being. So, when Jesus is transfigured, and his clothes begin to glow a dazzling white, and the great prophets, Elijah and Moses, appear talking to him, Peter James and John are witnessing a mystical event. And what this event reveals, to them and to us, is that the Spirit of God is available and present. John goes on to talk about how we access, or tap into, this mystical experience through our faith in Jesus.

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  1. Jane Evanson says:

    Thank you Brother John, this really spoke to me. I’m wading out but haven’t dived into the deep end. I had a dream recently- God spoke to me. We are mystical beings, speaking spirits. I won’t be afraid to head out deeper. Thanks again- listening to you from Colorado. Jane Evanson

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