The Church that Feeds People

Pentecost service


Br. John Ryan: The Judge and the Widow in the Gospel of Luke


We all know about the importance of prayer, even being persistence in our approach to God. However, I wanted to look at this reading in a different way and relate it to our Congregation’s Mission. Think of God in the role of the widow, and our Congregation as the judge.

The persistence of God calling us to mission and our response to that call. At St. Dunstan’s we do an amazing amount of outreach in ministry, but we can’t sit back now and think we have done all we can. Our work is to the poverty of others and ourselves, both physical and spiritual. We are called to care for the Holy One in the persons of the poor, yes we feed people, but now we must be willing to take the next step. Some of us are afraid of the poor because these folks reflect back to us our own poverty, even our own venerability.

As a people of prayer, as a Congregation, let us take the gifts we have been given and open our hearts to the full Gospel Life of Jesus.

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