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The Rev. Michael Paul: Mother you are blessed

mothersdayJohn 17:20-26

Year C, Easter 8 (Mother’s Day)

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, The Rev. Michael Paul preached to us one last time before he began his journey to North Dakota.  We are grateful for his service, he will be dearly missed and we pray for his safe journey.

The Rev. Michael Paul’s sermon reflected Mother’s Day with three main themes about mothers.

1) A mother never ceases being a mother. Once a mother always a mother. A mother is not just a mother to her kids. She is a mother to all. Mothers never stop loving, never stop caring and never stop mothering.

2) The first commandment is to honor thy father and mother with the promise that things will go well with you and you may enjoy a long life. This includes a mother, and a mother can be a significant impact on her children’s life with or without a father. Michael’s mother made him into the person he is today. All of us are the person we are today because of the mothers in our lives.

3) A mother leading a life of faith and can make a significant spiritual impact on their kids with or without the father. Our mother’s God is our God.

Michael asked all the mothers to remain seated and had all others stand up and announce in union “Mother you are blessed.”Michael thanked all the mothers for all they do in their child’s lives and he thanked St. Dunstan’s for the warm welcome and fellowship we extended him during his time with us. He leaves us with these words:

“God is going to open doors to me and that is what I believe because he is a God of miracles.  He gives us opportunity when we open up. When we open our doors to him God comes into our lives and he leads us step by step. And this is my trust and this is my confidence: that where ever I am going to put my feet God is going to bless me just as he blessed me while I was here. So Brother’s and Sister’s thank you so much and may the Lord bless you and may the Lord keep you… I am going to miss you but God is faithful, he has called me to go elsewhere and farewell to all of you. God bless.”

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