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DSCF1380Last Sunday, something amazing took place in the kitchen of St. Dunstan’s Church. Almost two dozen people, most of them youth, came together with a common goal:  to prepare a dinner for our homeless friends in Tent City 3. There were leaders, parents and youth from all walks of life and two different denominations, Episcopal and Methodist, that worked together to make a difference in people’s lives. The Holy Spirit was amongst us all.

Four Methodist Church youth groups joined our youth for the first time. Youth from 6th grade through high school worked together, laughed, shared stories and made friends as they sorted through vegetables, sliced strawberries, chopped onions, cleaned utensils and a myriad of other activities. Chef Josef Hinkofer had post-it notes all around the kitchen to show the different work stations and the youth were invited to choose the one they wanted to work at. In a short time, they were all working everywhere and enjoying every minute of it. The sounds of laughter and the aroma of delicious food filled the air.

DSCF1394I never cease to be amazed at the amount of energy that a group of young people can generate. I saw it last year at our Confirmation classes at the Cathedral, and I have seen it every time we put groups of youth together. One of the adults that was with us Sunday evening is the Associate Pastor of Haller Lake United Methodist Church. Her name is Jenny Partch, and she and I had a wonderful conversation, along with another leader, Deborah, as to how we can find opportunities for our young people to get together again. We all agreed that it will happen because Sunday evening was such a great success. It was a bonus to what our primary goal for the evening was which was to prepare a meal for our guests in TC3.

God presents so many opportunities for all of us, to reach out and do His work. As we count our blessings, let us be a blessing to others. Let us share the gifts He has given us in His name.

Mary E. Pacher


  1. Kay Wagner says:

    I am in awe by the accomplishments of your youth group. We need to do more to follow your example. Bless you. Kay

  2. Mary Pacher says:

    Thank you for your kind words Kay, Our youth are doing God’s work and it is awesome to see them grow in their faith as they travel on their path. Blessings to you. Mary

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