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Support Our Youth, Help the Animals (pt. 2)

Happy Halloween to all of you from the young people in St. Dunstan’s Sunday school and Youth Group. We hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

Our Youth Group met with St. Stephen’s Youth Group last Sunday evening and we had a wonderful time. We played a game for an ice breaker and then enjoyed dinner together. Following that we carved pumpkins. The pumpkins were in all sizes and shapes and the kids had a good time designing the faces that they wanted their pumpkins to have. Fr. David joined us for the evening and dove right in and carved a pumpkin as well. It was the first of many evenings that we have planned with the youth from St. Stephen’s.

run_10440c 2This Sunday, October 27th, our youth will be taking part in their outreach project for the month and they will not be at church Sunday morning. They will be running a 5K Fun Run known as the Green Lake Pumpkin Dash. It starts at 9:00 a.m. and our youth are really excited to be taking part in the event. All money raised will go to the Woodland Park Zoo to support its’ mission and to care for the animals. The Zoo is an important part of our community and if you would like to support one of our youth that would be wonderful. There is still time. The entry fee for the Fun Run is $30 for each participant and if you care to help with that, it would be appreciated. You may contact either Mary O. or me regarding your donation. Special thanks to those who have already helped.

Have a wonderful Sunday service and we will see everyone next week.

Mary E.

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